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Divine Meetings self-growth workshops, spiritual events, authentic leadership certified trainings and mindfulness seminars offers a unique approach to personal development and leadership resources. We recognise that there is a significant growing shift in human intelligence and responsibility across the planet today. This shift is revealing a new need for awareness and transformation. By identifying these shifts, Divine Meetings creates a platform for conscientious speakers, therapists, leaders and authors alike, to support people in their human journey in both the inner and outer aspects of their lives. We now know that the new science of mind-body-spirit and health brings profound connection into our physical, social, and spiritual selves. It’s through this connection that we recognise our capacity for conscious exploration and participate with life around us in a way we never have before. More…

Interview with Rupda

by Refresh Your Life Magazine
Rupda, has a long history of producing a broad range of workshops, events and gatherings worldwide since 1983. Rupda has also been with the Path of Love since 2000 and has been leading Awakening of Love workshops across Europe and beyond. Read Interview with Rupda
Rupda studied Hypnosis Mastery with Stephan Gilligan. Life Mastery with Tony Robbins. 13 years of Enneagram & Attending Essence Trainings. Is an NLP Practitioner and studied under John Grinder. NVC with Dorset Campbell-Ross. Obtains a Working with People™ Training certificate, is a certified Holistic Counsellor with S.I.A.F. and a certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner from Peter Levine’s SE Institute of Trauma Healing.  

Rupda has a way with working with people that is very unique to the therapy world. I have never felt so safe to in the company of another, and I know that I can talk about anything with her. She's an amazing woman with abundant wisdom. I return to her workshops again and again. Thank you Rupda for all that you bring and all that you are. You have greatly changed my life. – James McCarthy, Management Director

Rupda, thank you for your generosity and invitation. You have inspired so many people over the years, it’s no wonder you have found your life’s calling and passion in bringing people together.. thank you for the support! Thank you for your gift. – Matthias Kohler, Occupational Therapist

I have had the opportunity to attend Rupda's courses for serval years now. Participated in her retreats, as well as, individual sessions with her. And I can testify that she is one of a kind. She has helped me in my relationship with my partner and with our children enormously. We owe a tremendous amount of thanks to her for helping us get our lives back on track. We are deeply grateful to you Rupda for all your help and support over the years. – Suzanna Winthall, Interior Designer

I remember hearing about Rupda through some of my closest friends. I could really see the changes in their lives. I was always moved by this. Finally, I got a chance to work with her and I can finally see (experience) what people have been talking about. Her skills and insights are unparalleled to anything I've encountered in conventional therapy. I am enterally thankful for what she has given.– Thomas Stephens, Civil Engineer